Stars Desk


Exclusively available through invitation, our STARS DESK is dedicated to chosen accounts, providing a premium travel experience for the private and leisure trips of their VVIPs. This exceptional service features highly exclusive luxury travel consultants available round the clock, adding an unparalleled level of confidence and security for VIP travelers. The privileges of the STARS DESK extend to VIP family members, administrators, and individuals accompanying STARS DESK members on the same itinerary.

A tailored service catering to your VIPs, we seamlessly integrate into your current travel program for comprehensive reporting, duty of care, and vendor negotiations. Addressing the underserved needs of C-level and executive business travelers, often neglected by larger travel management companies and online providers, STARS DESK ensures they receive the personalized attention and care that aligns with their distinct travel requirements. By integrating VIP data with your existing agency platforms, we enables you to effectively manage costs, track travelers, and consolidate worldwide travel data.

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  • Reconfirmation at the time of booking - air, train, hotel, rent-a-car, car/limo service, or any other travel related services
  • Arrival alerts to all travel suppliers and requesting/confirming your preferences
  • Reconfirmation 48 hours before departure - air, train, hotel, rent-a-car, car/limo service, or any other related travel services
  • Reconfirmation of passengers preferences and expectations
  • Risk Assesment and backup options 
  • Price checkers
  • Changes/Delays/Cancellations
  • Additional Services - restaurant bookings, even tickets, and many more
  • Trip Alerts - we keep you posted on any alerts
  • Traveler Tracking - we got you covered by our Duty of Care
  • Loyalty Tracking - we keep track of all your loyalty program, making sure you collect all points/miles
  • Concierge Services - 24x7 on call Concierge Service available to you and all family members
  • Folio from Hotels
  • Receipts from Car Service Companies
  • Invoices from Rent-a-car Suppliers
  • Passenger Feedback